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When words are defined, I find it funny how we do not go around using those words’ exact definitions. The example that was given was we do not go around saying we do not say what a cup is, we just say can I get a cup? Words and their meanings are such an interesting discussion because when it comes to English, we took a bunch of words from other languages, and for some of them we slightly changed them over time. Words having different meanings, sounding the same, and different types of people can make things complicated. If you take people that are from different parts of the country and say a phrase to all of them, they might not all think it means the same thing.

Writing mediates activity because if everyone knows how to do it, then you will be able to get everyone’s ideas saved and be able to be shown them to many people. If you just say things without ever writing them down, there is a chance someone will write them down and take credit for them, and it will not be able to be heard by many. Writing promotes thinking, and it allows others to get their thoughts down and to continue to be edited changes can be made if you go through it and think of something better, or if you do not like what you said. Conversation is a good way to promote thinking as well, but writing it allows it to be more personal, and it allows you to show your best possible thoughts on the matter through revision and giving ample time to show that.


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  1. Chris Friend Avatar

    “Some of them we slightly changed them over time.”

    The word literally can literally mean the opposite of what it meant literally a decade ago. The changes you discuss are not always slight.

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