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The Art of Threshold Concepts: Structuring Literacy To Create Meaning Towards Readers.




Threshold concepts are the core concepts in which are used in order to master a particular curriculum. For instance, students make a decision of the field they would like to focus in and often have specific classes they need to fulfill for their degrees. These courses are often called major courses or “core” classes. These classes are often in resemblance towards the threshold concepts as they identify the core knowledge.

Pedagogies and Threshold Concepts

Pedagogies are referred as the main idea in which the thinking could be shaped towards an academic sense such as a teacher, instructor or educator (Baden, 2016) 1. Through pedagogical teachings, the instructor will be able to measure the structure of their class to know the effectiveness in how the students are learning throughout the course. Often they are like the stepping stones which are used to have a better understanding of the topic at hand.

In a article conducted by the National Library of Medicine, researchers experimented on the correlation of threshold concepts of preclinical medical education. It was noted that if the practitioners focused on implementing threshold concepts along with pedagogical teachings. With this, medical teachings would be more effective in learning. This was due to the factor that it would focus on the things in which would cater towards what really matter in learning through education (Derias et al., 2021) 2.

Rhetoric in Writing Pedagogies

We often utilize rhetoric whether intentionally or unintentionally in order to establish of means of the paper you are producing. In most cases, personally, I utilize rhetoric when it came to the structure and build to where I was going with in the story. Whenever, it came to brainstorming for ideas, I was always careful with how I worded my sentences. Mainly due to the fact that often people have different definition for words and can often misconstrue the words and the meaning upon the sentences. Dylan B. Dryer highlights this as he states “words cannot be linked to specific meanings that can be disconcerting”. There are over hundreds of definition of everyday words that we use. So how might we be able to understand each other? Well, the simple answer to be is to demonstrate and teach them.

The Importance of Teaching Pedagogies

The importance of establishing pedagogies is crucial in the academic world, especially for subjects such as writing and history. But the inclusion of pedagogies, you will successfully be able to mold their way in how to approach certain topics and how to phrase them. On the other hand, there could be a disadvantage with the topic also if not handled correctly and allowed for experimentation on their end i.e “Five Paragraph Essays”. In short, what the best course of action to be is to have a balance with how things should be constructed.


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