Writing Standards




Writing standards are in place to create some sort of structure for a writer. They are placed to make a writer’s work be the best it can be. The standards in place now, for the most part, are helpful and I think are helpful. However, there are some that seem a bit unnecessary to follow. For example, in the NCTE Assessment Standards, the inclusion of family in the assessment process, I would say, is not essential. In schools, when students are being assessed, there is no need to include household member participation. I would agree that having family help at home when students are doing homework or other assignments, but during the time a student is in school, the attention should be devoted to the teacher and what the student is learning.

As for the others standards in the NCTE, WPA, and CCCC, I believe they are useful skills novice writers (students in this case) can benefit from. Things such as sound writing, I agree can broaden students thinking of technology and how it can be used in numerous ways. In the WPA standards, for the most part I believe they are good skills for students to become good writers, however there are some that be too conventional / traditional. For example, “Practice applying citation conventions systematically in their own work”. To me this sounds like students will always be taught to support their claims by including citations, which I understand is necessary because if not it is plagiarism, but it reminds me of my structured writing in elementary school, which made my writing sound a bit robotic.


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