The Freedom of Learning or The Enslavement to Pedagogical Practices: A Tribute to Paulo Freire




“Education is suffering from narration sickness.”

Education is one of the most powerful tools we as human beings can possess. It is through education that the term “differentiation” and “edification” come into fruition as we become more adaptable in our thought processes. Education is most important when used in the right scenarios that reflect upon one’s intelligence. For instance, we all have the ability to memorize and regurgitate information upon being asked, however when we start to be able to connect information and utilize it in a manner in which can be beneficial, they become what the society calls “adaptable”, in which can be useful to the eyes of the oppressor.

“The Oppressor And The Oppressed”

Throughout the article, Freire highlights the struggle between the teacher-student relationship. Teachers, as Freire describes, feels a necessary in trying to establish power over the students, exemplifying themselves higher than them. While yes, as the teacher, they often have a pledge in superiority over the students, it not always the case. They also teach the teachers the ways in which how efficient their pedagogies is in towards the classes. Therefore, education becomes universal as it benefits both parties, however students do not interpret in that manner, as Freire mentions.

“Education thus becomes an act of depositing in which the student are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor.”

As with most things, there’s a action and reaction. You get what you put into the world. So when it comes to certain things, we have to be mindful of the things in which we are putting out. Education is no different. What source of information you may give, whether it be true or false, can be used as a way of empowerment. We as humans place value in things said or interpreted as view them as a way of being true. Even when they may not be true at times, as long as their is a general agreement, it can be perceived in such a manner.

In my experiences with the educational system, there’s always been a trick when it boils down to education: specifically the teacher and the material that is being presented. In most cases, students will pick the professor based on the workload that is presented within the classes. This is a common trope in colleges as an easier workload along with a permissive teaching style allows for a easy semester. On the other hand, education may go down in terms of rankings as the goal is not focused in on how the students learn but the way in which students will “survive the semester”.


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