Pulling meaning from other texts and genres





Texts getting their meaning from other texts was a very fascinating concept because that is a way of thinking that I was unaware of that I did. We do it all the time just instinctively, and when we are reading something similar to something else we have read, we often just make that connection as second nature. However, what I do not tend to find myself doing, is going back to those other texts to try and find the meaning of the current one I am reading. Texts borrow meaning from each other all the time as so many authors take things from others and writing is just studied by many when they are writing something of their own to influence them.

No single text being a genre was interesting to me because we were always taught that if this story is fake, it is fiction and that is it, nonfiction is all the truth, and so on. I think that many books and stories can fit into multiple genres and that challenges the old beliefs that society has put into place. There can be multiple aspects of a story that can be real, fake, or fantasy, and it can be presented in different formats. The readers turning something into a genre is very true because we read something, and then immediately classify it as a genre that we have known for a long time. It is the norm for readers to do so, and I think it is time we stop classifying things as one specific purpose in one genre.


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