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How Genres Plays A Role With The Impact of Today’s Writing




Genres are a way of differentiating writing into different categories that often readers will have a easier time selecting. Think of the last movie you saw when you relaxing upon a long day, what kind of genre was the movie? Most popular films such as the Matrix, American Psycho, and Fight Club all lean towards a genre that can better make sense of what the movie is trying to convey. Even with historical movies such as Independence Day or Babylon. They each play a role in the construct in today’s society.

Learner’s “Writing is a way of Enacting Disciplinary” highlights a key motion how most writers use writing in order to establish boundaries between the pieces that they write and everyday life activities. Most, if not all, refer to journal entries in order to keep records on what’s going on with their lives. This can be used as a genre. With different days representing different moods, this in turn can create different sub sections in which the writer can categorize and utilize in order to understand current trends that may appear for certain categories. For instance, if a person is going through stages of depression, they may monitor those specific diary entries in order to uncover the psychology behind it.

Genres are Enacted By Readers and Writers

As the quote above implies, readers and writers have the ability to be able to innovate genres and topics. As expressed by Davidson’s, we can view writing as a form of “action” by specific procedures that we enact on a everyday basis. What we see in our day to day lives can be represented as a genre, which remains special towards us and likeminded individuals. Genres are created to represent value towards the piece and often give it a representation in what the author or writer intended that piece of literature to be.


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