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What is “good” writing?




What makes a writing “good”? Some may argue content, others may argue readability (grammar), or how well the readers connect to the writer, and more. From a young age, our primary years of schooling are strictly based on passing standardized tests and preparing to move on in grade levels. This structure creates a routine for students to write all their papers based on the same outline (five paragraph structure). This routine also instills the belief that revision is solely based on exchanging words and removing sentences. Which all leads to teachers grading written assignments and giving students low scores, but the students are not the ones to blame, they are just following what they were taught.

So again, what makes writing “good” or at least what should be considered to be “good” writing? My opinion is that “good” writing is that that can be a smooth and relatable read to the audience. Writing should be a way for someone to express themselves, their beliefs, their opinions, their experiences, and more, and when writing is done in this way, a writer’s authentic self is present. When a writer is authentic and writes with authority, readers are prone to relate with the writer. This may be challenging when students or writers are restricted to a prompt of specific writing genre, because we have been taught to use a specific structure in order to fit into a genre. Which is why I believe connecting with readers and maintaining your voice, seems like the perfect formula for good writing.


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