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Ethical choices in writing




Ethics is the last thing that comes to mind when I’m reading or writing . I love to write poetry, and express my human experience through my words . Also, creating little pocket dimension of my own and emerging my self into fantastical worlds when I want to escape that very same experience.

John Duffy’s “Writing Involves Making Ethical Choices” makes this exceptionally clear! though its a short article, it really solidifies one idea; once we think of writing in an ethical context (not writing just to write or to create a a story) things get larger than ourselves, and more complicated. and how Brooke and Gabrill mention in their last sentence ” writing, as it always has been, is a technology for thinking and so it may be the case that we interiorize the technology of writing itself to shape the the possibility for meaning”(34)

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Whenever I write, whether its poetry or fantasy worlds try to convey my own experiences. though, I never think of the obligations to reader or the effects of my words upon communities. I always thought those worries should left to “famous” authors whose words reach millions. My audience has been my friends and peers whom know me well and know my values and ethics. [This might be more a commentary on my own views rather than the Duffys and Brooke and Gabrill articles]

Regardless of audience size our words have such power. Whether its a poem I’m writing or the quick side notes on a graded essay, we have an obligation to our audience to promote proper ethical choice. Who chooses proper ethical choice…. well that another post

Ill leave you faithful reader with this. One of my favorite poems


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